Hi and welcome to my website.

Please browse through my site to find out more information about myself and my professional career as a Triathlete and Cyclist.

I have now started a training camp, event weeks and coaching business, please visit www.upandactive.com

Up and Active has been set up to provide training camps that are different giving you more to your holiday than just training. Each camp has a different focus, whether it incorporates a race, allows you to see more of the country, focuses on your swimming technique, riding over great roads, or giving you time to relax.

My philosophy is to believe in living and acting on your dreams and not just thinking about them. I hope to encourage, help and advise others by channeling my passion and knowledge of sport into smart coaching and assist others to achieve their goal or experience something new.

My camps are all about individual attention, to enable everyone to improve no matter who you are or what level you have reached. It is important to enjoy sport and I am trying to bring a fun and alternative element to training camps.



Tanja Slater

La Grand Boucle Feminin Stage 4, 2007

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